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Thank you for giving us 10 minutes of your time.

Bentonville Public Library seeks to enhance its already vital role in the community.  BPL offers more than just books; it offers a range of diverse programs, spaces and amenities.  To ensure the library continues to offer our growing community the services, materials, and programs you expect, we want to hear from you!



Please take a moment to share how the library has impacted your life and how it can better serve your needs in the future. 


Part 1

Answer the following required questions about our current library. 


Think about the existing library and how you use it. We want to keep all the existing elements you have come to enjoy.


What kinds of activities/services does your household typically participate in at BPL?

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Which age-appropriate collections or services do you and/or your household use when visiting BPL?

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Consider the current space at BPL; what do you find well represented? Select 3

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What do you find lacking in the current space at BPL? Select 3

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What barrier prevents you from visiting the library, or fully participating in all it offers?

Bentonville Exterior

Do you use the Community Center mini-branch library?

bookdrop at cc citizensloungePCs2

Imagine what the library could do to make future visits better and more frequent. Sample library images courtesy of MSR Design.


What activities/services is your household most likely to enjoy at BPL? Select 3

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What is the most important use or feature that should be included at BPL? Select 3

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What elements would help make the library more accessible for you? Select 3

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What BPL services have you used during the COVID-19 pandemic?

IMG 2118

Part 2

Answer the following optional open-ended questions below.


Help us dream big!  These questions are not required, but we will appreciate hearing your ideas about future programs and spaces for the library.


The crux of our library’s mission is to offer lifelong learning opportunities. What do you want to learn next, and how can BPL support this?

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What are your favorite places in Bentonville, and what do you love about them? What kinds of spaces should BPL offer, or expand?

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How likely are you to help fund or financially support a future expansion of BPL?

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Part 3

Answer the following optional questions about you.


Lastly, we always want to know more about you.  You are the heart of this library and it’s important to understand who we are serving!


What age range do you represent?

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Please provide your gender identity.


Please provide your ethnicity.


Where do you live?

Library Survey Map

Which method of transportation do you mostly use to get to Bentonville Library today?

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